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Computer Music Technology
pioneered by Kalasuri Diliup Gabadamudalige in 2002. The first of its kind in Sri Lanka.
Audio Engineering/Computer based Music Production course conducted by Kalasuri Diliup Gabadamudalige himself
Part 1 : a. Basic western music theory and concepts
b. MIDI applications and uses in music composition , performance and production
Part 2 : Synthesizers, VSTis, Sound Synthesis uses and techniques
Part 3 : Digital Audio recording sample rates, bit depths
Part 4 : Recording using computers, using software as recording decks (working with Cubase 5 and 7)
Part 5 : a. Insert, send effects
b. Effects types (compressors, limiters, expanders, reverbs, delays etc.)
c. Filtering and equalization types and how to use
Part 6 : a. Recording, and mixing multi track music
b. Multi track mixing , mastering methods and techniques
c. Sound balancing

All classes conducted individually.
Classes conducted in English and Sinhala.
Easy payment terms.

Special discount prices on selected Sound Cards, Audio Equipment and MIDI Keyboard controllers offered on availability exclusively for all students.
Job placements in Sri Lanka and abroad on availability.
Practical training.
Other courses offered.
Piano lessons
Guitar lessons for beginners
Violin lessons for beginners
Vocal training
For more information, call:
(+94) 0727 012 240

Testimonials from a few who excelled at this institute under Diliup.
"Hi.. This is Bathiya. I would like to wish Diliup Gabadamudalige on his new web site. Also, I would like to state that he was the person who groomed me as and when I entered the music industry. I learnt the art of computer recordings and usage of computer technology in this industry through him. This was way back in.. I think 1992 or ’ 93 when nobody was using computer .. actually when nobody was using computer technology in Sri Lanka to create music or to store music or to work.. work on creations. So it has been a great association throughout this period. I have learnt a lot from him and also it’s a great thing that I.. just.. when I go back in time, he was the very first one who gave me a break to perform at a public show. Well.. the first show.. the first ever... the first ever public performance that I made was at a concert called "YA TV Live" which I had the opportunity to sing for a crowd of about 3 or 4 thousand people. That was an excellent experience for me at that time. I was very young and I hadn’t gone on stage.. and that opportunity came through him definitely and also I performed for ’Miss Sri Lanka’. That was in..I think..1996, with all the professionals at that time. I was not a professional singer but that break also came through him. It has been a wonderful...wonderful association upto now and I have learnt so much from him and .. well.. turning on to the.. the other side of the music industry as in the way to go ahead and the way to.. actually.. the way to steer ahead and how to achieve things. I can still go back and recall the days when I used to go to his place and just have..you know... I used to ask him questions and I was a school boy who had this in me to.. you know.. to go into this industry and work and do lots of things you know. so he was the one who used to explain to me the way to go ahead in the industry. "You have to do this, you have to approach these people and when you work in the industry these sort of things happen so you need to be careful about this"... Those are some examples of certain things that he used to explain to me. Also, at one point somewhere in ’ 96 ’ 97 when I was asking him the way that I can make a mark in the music industry, then he used to tell me, ’you should have your own thing , you should have your own identity. We as Sri Lankans should..should have our own identity in our pop or hip hop or .. I don’t know.. reggae .. or whatever we do. Well, going back to the first ever song that I recorded which is not a cover.. which is an original .. It was a song that was composed by him and he .. he was the person who gave me the first opportunity to do the recording and we recorded the song way back in 1996...sorry not ’ 96, .. this must have been ’ 95 because..if I’m not mistaken..it was either ’ 94 or ’ 95 and we recorded this song at his studio and this is a song that I sang in Sri Lanka in 1996 when all the others were singing cover versions. I got a chance to do my own song because of him. So, I must say the young musicians should get the opportunity like me to associate with him at one point or the other as and when they come to the industry or as and when they plan to enter the industry. I would like to again wish him all the very best and I hope that everything that he does in the future is a big success... and is a huge success."
Theekshana Anuradha
Hi my friends,

You have seen me as a singer & flutist. But now I’m working as recording engineer & music director. Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige is that great man who created me as recording engineer.I’m very thankful to my friend Ishar, a good pianist & student of Diliup sir to introduse me to Diliup sir. I met Diliup sir in a recording of a new song which was created for one of his students Pramod Narayana. He is very friendly & very straight.Now I’m doing lots of music creations & I use my mixing knowledge to balance sound when performing with my band (Octave Entertainments). I feel a big difference in my past & present sound balance.

Thank you very much & good luck sir

Theekshana Anuradha - 0773359290
"There are very few people who set their own rules, their own standards and are true to their artistic selves. Diliup is one such rare person I made acquaintance with when I started studying the basics of Audio Engineering and Piano under him. He is not only a teacher. He is a very good Music composer and a very talented pianist that I’ve ever come to know. Over the years Diliup and I have got very close. What I like most about him is that he helps new comers of the music industry in Sri Lanka with his wide range of music knowledge. And I have observed that he is a good adviser who shares his life experiences genuinely among students. My dear Sir, I wish you every success in your life."

Malinda Lowe-Recording Engineer, Marians Creative Lab and Sound Engineer, Marians Gear.

Udara Samaraweera
Hi I’m Udara Samaraweera. I met Diliup Sir when I was at Engineering Faculty of Moratuwa University 2008.Apart from my Engineering Degree I did Study Audio Engineering Diploma from Diliup Sir. He is the only person who guided the students in Creative way to think the subject AUDIO ENGINEERING by using Fundamental Theories.Now I own Audio Production Studio where I have already produced TV, Radio commercials and Songs for the famous Artists. I also wok as an Audio Engineer & Composer at "MARIANS Studio".
So Finally I warmly wish you for the tremendous Service you rendered towards the new generation.
Sandaru Gamage
"It’s my obligation to first extend my heartiest gratitude to Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige for the immense effort he took to put me in a better place in the music industry. I remember that I met you about 8 years ago. By that time, I was schooling and was in search of a better way to enter the Audio Engineering field. I gained a vast knowledge in music & technology through your guidance. Being a teacher, you always put me in a higher place that I was encouraged. I guess you played beyond your role which I can never forget. It has been observed not only by me but by all, that you are not just a teacher, that you are an advisor who is always giving away your knowledge of music with no hesitation. Dear Sir.., for me, you are a genius. I wish you all the very best in each step you take in your life."
Sandaru Gamage - Recording Engineer, Penguin Recording Studio.(sandarug@gmail.com)
Gayan Gunawardene
Hello I’m Gayan Gunawardene you may know me as the son of the popular playback singer Nuwan Gunawardene and also an upcoming singer and recording engineer. As my father has worked with Diliup sir at National Airline “Air Lanka” doing air craft engineering, and after doing music together and performing ever since they have a great history. My father wanted me to specially learn, improve and develop the craft so he introduced me to his good friend Diliup Gabadamudalige.
I started and completed the Audio engineering diploma under Diliup sir and is handling my own studio with my father called STUDIO NUGA in Maharagama. The advice the tips and everything he has offered me is just priceless I believe that he makes a person into a unique individual and to bring forth their talent by having individuality.
I am currently composing, recording and mixing in my own studio and the full credit of it should go to Diliup sir and of course my father Nuwan who introduced me to this wonderful teacher, person and great friend. I am also learning piano under Diliup sir and the techniques he has taught me have improved my skill a lot.
I have learnt a lot just by spending time with him as he tends to give helpful tips about singing and music. I thank and bless him as because of him I have found out how much of a wonderful art this is. Thank you sir for all that you have done for me and other young students and artists, I wish you the best and would like to say as my father would say JAYEN JAYA …
Thiwanka Pinnawala
Hi I’m Thiwanka Pinnawala. After I done my A/Ls I met Diliup sir. He is the first teacher of my audio engineering field. Under his guidance I’ve learnt how to get a creative mix using the fundamental laws of mixing, as well as how to give different colours for the sounds by equalizing. Not only mixing I have learnt how to use mastering plugings in a creative way. From him I have learnt lot of things for my spiritual life also. Now I’m doing a my own studio called "Siyaneth" Studio. I can say he is the best teacher for the audio engineering field in Sri Lanka....
Dharshana Jayanath
I am Dharshana Jayanath Thilakarathne and I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my sir, Mr.Diliup Gabadamudalige for the perfect guidance he gave to make me a figure in Audio Engineering field.
I have won several all island music singing and instrumental competitions when I was studying in Kingswood College,Kandy. Also I have completed Diploma and finished the Visharadha part 1 examination in violin at Bhathkande Sangeeth Vishva Vidyalaya in Lucknow. Also I followed western music diploma in Belwood Aesthetic Center,Kandy and there I improved the skill of playing Violin, Trumphet, Piano and so on. I got selected as the final 13th winner at "Sri Lankan Life" singing reality show conducted by Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.
I used to compose music using the computer when I was schooling. In order to sharp my talents in composing and audio engineering I wanted to learn it in deep.Thus I decided to enter to the Institute of Computer Music Technology in Pelawaththa under the Kalashuriee Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige. That decision made my music journey perfect. There I learnt Music composing, MIDI language, Audio & MIDI recording, Mixing & Mastering techniques.I always wanted to get the natural sounds through electoronic equipments. Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige always guided me to get the best output using available resources.
Currently I am working as the main audio engineer in Audio Flicker recording studio in Kotte. Also I joined Flicker Live Band as the key board Player, as a vocalist and as the audio engineer. Also I am a final year student in University of Colombo,faculty of Arts.Currently I am engaging in my first audio album’s stuffs.
Mr.Diliup Gabadamudalige is the tremendous shadow who is always behind all my success.My dear sir,I wish u all the very best for your future career.
Dirk James
Hi this is Dirk James. I’m a Singer-Songwriter-Producer-Mixing Engineer and DJ at Sherif Productions and i currently have my own act ; The Sherifs and we’v been producing music for a multiple array of artists including the comeback hit album of Sri Lankan legend Alston Koch which was released under Sony Music Australia with the album peaking at no. 19 on the ARIA album charts and was no. 2 on the Dance charts for consecutive weeks.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Diliup sir for giving me and guiding me through the stepping stones when i was fresh out of school and wanted to get into the art of digital music production. He is a great teacher, an amazing pianist and a caring mentor who genuinely enjoys taking budding young musicians under his wing and nurturing them, polishing their skills and guiding them to harness their true potential! The training i recieved in my early years under him during the course definitely helped shape me into the musician that i am today!
In conclusion i wish him all the very best and fruitful success in his future endeavours in the music industry and every other project he undertakes. Cheers to you dear sir! :)
Shalindra De silva
Hi..! This is Shalindra De Silva currently working as a composer ,mix and mastering engineer and a music producer in my own studio "Deskat".
Well,It was My childhood dream to be a musician.I wanted to to look Beyond the common frame of a typical musician.
Thus I did so many experiments since my school days. Day by day I learnt alot and the tiny experiance I gathers brought me to a higher level and became the best musician 2009 in my school. Those days I composed with my keyboard and the basic track recordings were also done by the Keyboard So I felt the Importance of learning further and my choice was him. Mr.Dilliup Gabadamudalige, the pioneer of Srilankan digital Music.
Still remember his guidance and how he taught me to sense the variations and the beauties in each not and rest. More than learning cubase and Protools I learnt so many tiny tips that one can only grab by the experience. His expertise brought me to a higher extent. Still love to recall the day how he clapped and appreciate My first arrangement. hence it brought me so much courage and still feel the same.
So I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to my Master "Mr.Diliup Gabadamudalige" for bringing me here and guiding me to make my dream a reality. And also I wish diliup sir a successful journey !
Tharindu Dissanayake
Hi I’m Tharindu. I met Mr.Diliup Gabadamudalige when i was working at SLBC. at that time I was engaging in music composing & audio engineering too.
With the help of Diliup sir I got to know all the skills of the softwares which we use in audio engineering & music composing also I got to know many new things about the music field when working with Diliup sir.
With the support of Diliup sir & with the knowladge he gave me, I was able to open my own RECORDING STUDIO & PRODUCTION HOUSE ( The Natives Media Entertainment) In my studio, I use to compose MUSIC TRACKS, MIXING / MASTERING & PRODUCING TV / RADIO COMMERCIALS & DOCUMENTARIES. With the guidance of Diliup sir, Now I am in this field so I take this great opportunity to thank you for the knowledge you gave me & the help you gave me to come to this position in this field.
Tharindu Dissanayake - Propreitor & Recording Engineer, Natives Media Entertainment 0776222002 , nativesmediasl@gmail.com
Prasanna Aragoda
Since an early stage of schooling I was enthusiastic about music. The passion compelled me to look for a guidance to sharpen up my talents. That was when I met this wonderful pioneers in Sri Lankan music Mr Dilliup Gabadamudalige, who weaves a complex world through his style of music. In 2009 I joined his institute of computer music technology. His creativity and passion for music makes him the best among mixing , mastering and recording techniques. He inspires students to go beyond the basics and touch the world unseen. He guided me so finely, that I was able to become a composer and a mix and mastering engineer at my own studio called infinity studios within a such short time!
Prasanna Aragoda - prasannaaragoda@gmail.com, 0718100036
Udara Samaraweera
Hi, I’m Kasun Manula. I was working in a leading advertising firm in 2007 as a 3D animation artist and also as a music producer. I have seen Mr Diliup Gabadamudalige’s remarkable performances via television. I could able to contact him through social media and made a request to take his lessons on piano music and audio engineering art. Because I was doing music producing and playing keyboards in my own ways, and I really wanted to learn the methodologies and techniques, specially from him. I have learnt so many techniques and exercises from him. Indeed he is a great teacher I have ever seen. He is very practical in teaching and he has his own methods in teaching. Now I have my own Recoding Studio at my home. He invited me to play keyboards with him in his final Wedding Booking at Galle face hotel. It was an unforgettable day in my music career. Thanks sir for all you have done for me and wish you all the success and longevity healthy life.

Contact :
kasunmanula@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/kasun.manula
Kanishka Wedamulla
Hellow I’m Kanishka Wedamulla. After my school i decided to be a music Composer. I head about the many composers. But I want to learn from the best composer. While that my Amma, Thaththa and my Akka helped me to find a good path of composing. So I decided to learn from Dilup sir who has been a great Musician with uncommon music style. During my lessons his like a good friend to me. Dilup sir so practical and always updating his self’s about the new technology. Hear I’m,I have my own recoding studio in my home. Hear up to now I worked with best singers and musician too. I create my own compositions thanks to Dilup sir. I’m fully happy and impress about my decision. I wish “Thousand and Thousand times” to his further endeavors.

Tel: 0718266538 (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rocket/341682239335987)
"Hi.. This is SAJHAN
I would like to take this an opportunity to thank you sir.
You showed me the way & I walk on that road, now I am happy to say this to you sir, because of you I am in a good position of MUSIC... when I was a kid for this field, your the one who help me to get up on my own.. like a sunshine you bring some light to my MUSIC life.. you are the one who showed me the way to create, compose and play live music using computer technology. you taught me the basics like how to prepare an ordinary computer to make music. How to get the maximum power out of it. How to install software & drivers correctly. Fundamentals of midi. And I learn the basic knowledge of recording software such as "Cubase", "Reason" and handling "Vst". Special thing I see in mr. dilup is he can get huge out using a limited amount of resources. Because he is a genius in audio engineer techniques. SACRIFICING A LOT, FINALY I GOT THE OPPORTUNITY TO OPNEN MY OWN RECORDING / MIXING & MASTERING STUDIO IN ITALY. AND PRODUCE MUSIC TO LOCAL AND FOREIGN ARTIST AS WELL. this is the last out put from your guiding sir.. So my dear sir.. I wish you all the very best & success for your music life..."
"Hi I am Thusith. I met Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige while I was composing my first audio album, The Heritage. Then I got the basic knowledge how we can create the synth sounds using oscillators and how to work within Cubase rewiring Reason software that really did guide me in my venture".

Thusith Niroshana
(2nd. from left)- music composer of the Sri Lankan Hip Hop group Centigradz.
Thushini Goonewardene
I am indeed honoured to pen a few words on this website being a novice in the field of computer music. I am a medical officer by profession. I started composing at a young age, but never thought I would try my hand at computer recording. Audio Engineering had always been a dream of mine which I never thought I’d be able to learn. It was by chance that I met Uncle Diliup, who convinced me that it was not a difficult task. It was a wonderful experience meeting and getting to know a great maestro such as he. Dear Uncle Diliup. though I was a composer and musician at the time I met you, I knew nothing about Audio Engineering, and it was you who taught me the ABC of it all, explaining so simply and with so much patience. Knowing how to record, mix and master tracks has given me the convenience of recording music at home, at anytime without incurring any additional cost. I have no words to express the immense satisfaction I get through making such recordings. He is the “Wizard of computer music” yet he remains a “down-to-earth” and very approachable person, a quality which I admire most of all. I thank Uncle Diliup for teaching me the art of recording and I wish him all the very best in all his future endeavours.

Dr. Thushini Goonewardene, Medical Officer/ Singer-Songwriter, https://www.facebook.com/Thushini.Goonewardene.page
Ishara Fernando
Hi I’m Ishara. I met Diliup sir, as one of his piano students and also he is a friend of my father. I got this golden opportunity to meet this maestro of Sri Lankan music industry during the time that I’ve been participating for the “Srilankan life instrumental performance competition” organized by SLRC in 2008. His lessons were well prepared, easy to understand and profound with great thinking as well as logical. Although I didn’t have a piano at that time, I practiced hard using my small CASIO keyboard. Sometimes I had chances to practice the piano at the cultural center at University of Colombo, because I was an undergraduate physics major student of the science faculty at that time. Once I started feeling my improvements in playing the piano, Diliup sir realized it in a blink of an eye and encouraged me to practice more and more with his lessons. He pushed me towards the professional way of playing piano with modern techniques. I have followed his lessons until my migration to USA for studying PhD in Physics. But, I’m still practicing his lessons and the notations in every single time in which I can get access to the piano in our university or in the lab. Not only his amazing and challenging live piano improvisations but also his marvelous creations of songs and instrumental albums are admired and awarded by local as well as the International community. The melodies produced by Diliup sir have unique features and they have the power of hypnotizing the audience easily. So I would say that we all should be proud of this maestro, as Sri Lankans. Dear Diliup sir, I wish you a great success for your future career in music and all the very best to be renown more and more internationally.
--- Ishara Fernando----
email : fernando_ishara@yahoo.com
Hi I’m Mahima Kalhara Sooriyaarachchi. Now I’m working as a sound engineer at Shakthi sound studio owned by Mr. Anthony Surendra. Seven years ago, I met Mr. Dilup Gabadamudalige, when I was in search of learning sound engineering. He is a remarkable musician, sound engineer, teacher and an adviser. He gave me all the basic knowledge about recording and mixing techniques, how to handle a recording softwear (Cubase, Reason, VST) So far, I’ve composed Jingles, theme songs and worked with artists like Anthony Surendra, Prof. Carlo Fonseka, Navarathna Gamage, Rohana Weerasinghe, Kalani Perera, Rajiv Sebastian, Amarasiri Peiris, Mangala Pradeep, Malik Perera and Ashanti de Alwis and I’ve recorded and mixed the albums shakthi TV "Isei ilawarasargal" "Radha", "Stars of 70’s", "Vijaya Sri", "Thiloka". I would like to pay my gratitude to Mr Dilup Gabadamudalige for being my teacher.
Rachika De Silva
Hi I am Rachika De Silva. I have won several all island music competitions during the period from 1997 to 2005 while being studying in Dharmashoka College. I met Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige when I was in search of learning audio engineering in 2003. I learned from him MIDI Language, Audio & MIDI Recording, Mixing & Mastering techniques and how to handle recording software.
Now I am a final year student in University of Visual And Performing Art in the department of Applied Music and Mass Communication.
I am having my own Home Recording Studio called "Thaal Studio". It was started in 2008. Also I am working with Mr. Jannath Warakagoda in his Recording Studio called "JW Percussion House". In addition to that I am a member of "Ranwala Padanama" since 2006 & now handling all the recording of their performance. I have done music composing & recording in ballet of "Oudipas" in 2010 & ballet of "After the War" in 2011. Those were the final year ballet productions in University of Visual And Performing Art.There was a 30th anniversary of Sri Lanka Rupawahini Corporation (Selalihini Rupakawya) All the recording of this musical show were done by me. I have worked as an audio engineer in the released of audio CD called "Induwara". This was the first audio production in history of the University of Visual And Performing Art. Also I have done music recording of several tele dramas presently broadcasting.
Specially I want to mention here that all the knowledge of Audio Engineering gathered from Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige helped me to do all the above mention carriers successfully.
Chandani Warushakoon
My name is Chandani Warushakoon. I hold a BA (Fine Arts Special Honours) degree from the University of Kelaniya. Having obtained a First Division Pass in the Sangeet Nipun course in the Bhathkanda University of Music I received a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge about North Indian music. I also successfully followed the Fine Arts Diploma in the National Youth Council, Sri Lanka. While serving as a music artiste of the State Musical Group I took part in musical programmes in China and Korea. At present I work as a professional vocalist in the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation; I am also following postgraduate studies in the Visual and Performing Arts University, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka. In addition to these, I serve as a Cultural Development Assistant in the Provincial Secretariat, Kelaniya under the Department of Culture, Sri Lanka.
I wanted to acquire a knowledge of computer music technology. I came to know about Maestro Kalashuri Dilup Gabadamudalige through my brother Uditha Warushakoon (who is also active in the music field). I contacted Maestro Gabadamudalige on the phone and made an appointment to meet him at his residence. The day I called on him I was first greeted by his father. Mr Gabadamudalige appeared in a few minutes. He enquired as to why I was interested in this subject. I told him that I had a keen interest in MIDI technology, and that I wished to record my own musical compositions through this technology. But my problem was that I had little computer knowledge. He taught me the subject of computer music technology while encouraging me towards greater efforts. I gained a deep insight into the philosophy of music as a result. After a break in my studies with him I met him again in 2012. By that time I was mother to two children. He appreciated my continuing interest in the subject of computer music technology, and conducted revision sessions for me. Now I feel confident about my ability to do something in the field. However, there is much to learn. There are many things that I can do in my profession by using this technology. I made recordings of my musical compositions and songs through computer music technology, not for earning money, but for social and cultural ends. I am deeply grateful to my teacher Mr Gabadamudalige. I am greatly indebted to him, for he devoted more time and labour on my account than on any other student of his. Maestro Kalasuri Dilup Gabadamudalige! I express my deepest gratitude to you.
Ashanka Prabhath Deniyage
Hi I am Ashanka Prabhath Deniyage. I have participated all kind of music activities and won several all island music competitions during the period from 1994 to 1999 while being studying in Dharmashoka College. I met Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige when I was in search of learning audio engineering in 2001. I learned from him MIDI Language, Audio & MIDI Recording, Mixing & Mastering techniques and how to handle recording software.(Cubase ,Reason, Sound Forge, VST).
I am having my own Home Recording Studio called “Sesatha Recording Studio” in Ambalangoda. It was started in 2003. I have done music composing & recording for several albums such as Bonikko-2007,Shrawana Madhu -2008, Maha Piritha -2009 ,Pata Pata Samanalayo -2010, Wilthera Pipi mal 2011,Salapathala Maluwa -2012..
Specially I want to mention here that all the knowledge of Audio Engineering gathered from Mr. Diliup Gabadamudalige helped me to do all the above mention carriers successfully. Dear sir,I wish you all the very best for your future career.

ashanka.deniyage@gmail.com  0718054832, 0773432707, 0912258818
Hi I’m Hishan, a 14 year old who was interested in doing this course. According to Sir; I’m the first 14 year old. I am a Sri Lankan living with my parents in Bangladesh and I came down for the summer vacation to Sri Lanka for one and half months to follow this course. Though this was a kind of a crash course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything in that short period. I learned so many things that I had never learned before and I became increasingly interested in sound engineering.
Most of the technical things that Sir taught me about I hadn’t even learnt in school yet, so it was a bit hard to grasp. But Sir explained everything in such simple language that, eventually, I gained the hang of it. Sir always quoted Einstein saying; “Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Eventually, I found out how true that saying was.And now, I’m even thinking of the studio as a future career because that month changed my whole perspective on music.

"The immensely short time which I spent attending Diliup sir’s classes set the foundation from which I would be able to build on to become a musician. My first impression of this important stepping stone in my life was that it would be very confusing and I wouldn’t use the knowledge later in my life. But I was proved wrong. Almost everything which Diliup sir taught me had to be used to make any proper piece of music. Learning from Diliup sir was very easy as he treated me more as a friend than a student and eliminated all the pressure of learning from a man with much more experience in the field of music than I. During the couple of months which I attended his classes, I tried to make as many inquiries as possible on what I was being taught, But found that no question went unanswered by the end of class. For this Diliup sir has my unwawering thanks, and I wish him all the best in his ventures both now and in the future."

Moosa Mohamed, Male, Maldives. (spidermoosa@hotmail.com)
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