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01 Learn Music - a software Music Education Tool Learn Music is a software Music Education tool created by Diliup Gabadamudalige. This is the First Music Education Software written in Sri Lanka. Diliup who is the pioneer in MIDI and computer based music performance and production in Sri Lanka creates history by creating this software. The concept design and coding is by Diliup. The software is written in Python and compiled for the Windows platform.
02 Sadaham Maga Nopamawa An Album of original Buddhis Songs. Written by Dushani (Dinu) Perera,
Concept and Music by Diliup.
Vocalized by Shantha Herath, Janani Tillakeratne and Diliup
03 New Album with Pramod Narayana

A new album with a new concept started with Young musician Pramod narayana
04 Maiden song by Naveen Bathiya Jayasinghe Name: Naveen Bathiya Jayasinghe

Age: 25

Contact Number: 0777060006

E-mail: naveenbathiyajayasinghe@hotmail.com

Facebook : Bathiya Jayasinghe
05 Atha Thanakata Yanna Ithin Maiden Song by Indika Dissanayake completed. Released on Radio. Video coming soon.
06 Shalu Pramod has just completed studying Audio Engineering under Diliup and brought "Shalu" the 1st. song of his Group "Footpath" to be recorded, mixed and mastered by Diliup. Find the 1st. release on the downloads page.
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